about me

For me, living is the same thing as dying, and loving is the same thing as losing, and this does not make me a madwoman; I believe it can make me better at living, and better at loving, and, just possibly, better at seeing.” -Sally Mann

I grew up amongst the saguaro cacti, coyote howls in the night, and pink sunsets of Arizona. There is something honest, freeing, and endless about the American West. I aim for my art to be the same.

From a young age I was able to notice the nuances of life and find beauty in the details that most passed by. I wrote a lot of stories growing up with too many big words to try to compensate for that burning feeling in my chest that always wanted to shout "ARE YOU SEEING THIS?"

Once I adapted that storytelling into the other medium of photography, I just kept shouting and people started to listen and understand through my images. I am able to show the world how I see it through my photography and that is the most honest, freeing, and endlessly beautiful thing to me.